MBBS from Bangladesh & Nepal

Bangladesh, A Country which has almost everything same as India.

Language, Weather, Culture, Living Style, Syllabus, Books, Bactria, Diseases Pattern, Medicine and many other things are same as India, what else a medical aspirant look for?

If you compare with Nepal – Quality of Education is much better and best example, you will find many students from Nepal in Bangladesh but you will not find any students in Nepal from Bangladesh pursuing medical education. Infrastructure, faculties, facilities, exposure is better than Nepal at almost half cost of education. Nepal is not advisable due to total cost of education and first year payment conditions. Other benefits of studying in Bangladesh are mentioned below.

As far as basics are concern – Same as India first you need to start hospital, run it and then only you can start a medical college. this does not happen in other countries. other countries has a process of associated hospitals, where hospitals are already in existence somewhere in city and you open a medical college to teach theory. means hospital and teaching campus are at different locations.

Hostel facilities – same as India, both boys and girls hostels are different, different means in different buildings. Bangladesh has a value of customs and traditions same as India. where in most of other countries hostels are same for boys and girls they may have different floors but not the different building.

Eligibility “Quality of Students Admitted” – Only who have completed 12th in current year or last year are eligible to apply. Students with 7 GPA in 12th & 10th are eligible for admission process. for more information on eligibility and admission process, you may call Mr. Bapna +91 90010 99110. These are the eligibility requirements setup by DGHS (Directorate General of Health Services), Bangladesh.

Post Admission Expenses – Students and Parents must consider such expenses also, post admission expenses are cost of food, cost of calling to home country, internet and traveling cost during vacations. In case of Bangladesh cost of per month food is approx 2000 to 3000 rupees, call to India in approx 1.5 to 3 rupees and lowest cost of travel because you can come to India by road, train and flight. all options are available. if you decide to choose by road or train you can reach anywhere in 10000 rupees (including return), which is not possible in any other country (except Nepal, but cost of education and living is almost double).

for more information you may also visit an informative website and video (Click here to see information video for MBBS in Bangladesh) about MBBS Admission in Bangladesh.

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