Real Package for MBBS/MD Abroad

Know About Real Package – Real Packages are those packages which does not spoil your parents budget and does not misguide you in terms of duration, living cost, inclusions, exclusions, currency rates, and service charges.

We offer “Real Packages” which includes Fees, Hostel, Food, Insurance, Visa, Other Documentation Charges, Service Fees, First Air Ticket, International Insurance, Student Kit and Other Benefits. We calculate package @ 66 Rupees per USD.

Many other consultants provide wrong information related to duration, hostel and living expenses, service fee and documentation charges, some of them calculate @  58/60/62/64 Rupees Per USD to show low cost package.

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MBBS Lowest Package in India – Not Available (Fees is High & Seats are Less)

Do Not Fall in Trap of Low Package in India (You May Get Call for Back Door Entry, Management Quota Admission, Sponsor Quota Admission All such calls are fake and fraud.) Do not believe such calls and do not throw heard earned money for such calls.

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